Zakaria Bicamumpaka


Meet farmer partner, Zakaria Bicamumpaka 

Zakaria Bicamumpaka (56) is a Westrock farmer partner from Karama, Rwanda. After growing up in a farming family, Zakaria saw coffee as a way to best provide for his family. In 1976,  Zakaria started his own farm with 200 coffee trees.

As his family grew, Zakaria was able to provide for them with the earnings from his farm. He purchased livestock, built a house, and paid his children’s school fees all on the money he made from his farm.

When Zakaria was growing up, education was a huge part of his life. He learned new things both in school and from his parents on their farm.

He credits his success today to the education he received when he was younger.

Now that his children are grown, he is most concerned about the legacy they will leave behind. He believes that the education they receive is the best thing they could have.

“You can only do what you know,” Zakaria said as he spoke about the importance of education in his children’s lives.


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