Non-Dairy Coffee Boosts


Four Coffee Additives That Aren’t Milk

Every coffee has a certain amount of body. Body is known as “the texture or heaviness in a particular coffee.” A coffee that’s full-bodied will feel similar to drinking whole milk. A coffee with less may feel like water. When we add cream to our coffee, we are able to further elevate the body of our cup of coffee. If you’ve recently had to give up or cut back on your dairy consumption, you might be missing that heaviness.

Here are four non-dairy ways to enhance your cup of coffee:

Nutpods unsweetened, dairy-free creamers have found the perfect blend of almond and coconut milk, providing a superior heaviness through the fats in each nut milk. This Whole30-approved, vegan-approved, Paleo-approved creamer can hold up to any other creamer in flavor.

✔️Soy and Dairy Free

✔️Non GMO

✔️ No Carrageenan

✔️Made in Three Delicious Flavors

Cinnamon and Soy Milk

Recreate your favorite cinnamon-flavored creamer by shaking Soy milk in a mason jar with a teaspoon of cinnamon. Whether you add in cinnamon before you brew or after, it can act as a natural sweetener in your coffee. This home essential is always great and probably already sitting in your kitchen cabinet.

✔️Gluten Free

✔️Promotes Digestive Health

✔️Promotes Brain Health

✔️Helps control Blood Sugar

Coconut Oil or Milk


Coconut oil is a great alternative to add to your coffee. It is high in saturated fats that promote healthy cholesterol in your body. Another option is to shake up a can of coconut milk (to mix the fats and coconut water) and drizzling it in if you are looking to add a more milky feel.

✔️Whole30 Approved

✔️Increases Energy

✔️Boosts Metabolism

✔️Enhances Immune System

Adding Collagen Peptides to a morning smoothie or coffee is one of the latest trends when boosting a healthy lifestyle. Collagen is a great supplement important to help our skin, bones, hair, nails, and joints.

✔️Dairy and Lactose-Free

✔️Carrageenan Free

✔️Paleo and Whole30 Friendly

✔️ Made with Coconut Milk

✔️Comes in Three Delicious Flavors

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