Meet Theogene Simugomwa, Kibirizi


Meet Farmer Partner, Theogene Simugomwa


Theogene Simugomwa (53) is a father of seven children. He takes pride in his coffee farm and its ability to help him earn enough money to put his children through school. When Theogene first started, he had 2,000 trees and was processing his coffee beans on his own because there was no wet mill close by.

As his farm grew, he decided to start his own wet mill after seeing the benefit of using a wet mill to improve the quality and value of his coffee beans.  Theogene started his own wet mill, and a few year later found Rwanda Trading Company (Westrock’s operations in Rwanda). He valued RTC because he found them to be honest and trustworthy.

Theogene is thankful for his coffee business because it has enabled him to take care of his family like never before. He was able to buy a car with the earnings and hopes to one day be able to build a new house for his family in Kigali (the capital of Rwanda) and expand his farm by 1,500 coffee trees.



Want to try coffee from Theogene’s region of Rwanda?

We are now selling a blend (online only) called Rwanda Kibirizi. This is a seasonal coffee offering that we made available to enhance your Westrock Coffee experience.

When you choose Westrock Coffee, you are directly impacting the lives of farmers like Theogene. THANK YOU for choosing Westrock.



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