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We are a coffee company that believes in ethical and sustainable coffee from crop to cup. Westrock Coffee is changing lives with each delicious sip through fair, direct trade and involvement at every part of the coffee supply chain. This allows us to ensure that everyone in the coffee making process is able to truly THRIVE. Sustainability is our standard for great coffee – coffee that was ethically obtained and of the highest quality.


Westrock Coffee Company began in 2009 with the purchase of a neglected coffee mill called Rwanda Trading Company in Kigali, Rwanda. Our intent was to build a coffee company that would impact the lives of farmers, paying farmers a fair price for their coffee as well as offering training and support in order to build sustainable, long-lasting partnerships. Westrock’s impact in Rwanda was almost immediate and widespread. 

The success of Rwanda Trading Company led us to expand our origin operations to Tanzania where we work with thousands of farmers in the Southern Highlands of Tanzania to improve the quantity and quality of the coffee they produce, much like our work in Rwanda.

For farmers, our efforts mean fair, consistent partnerships and opportunities for investing in their farms. In turn, farmers can succeed, grow their impact in their own communities and afford basic necessities such as food, education, shelter, and the list goes on.

Today, Westrock has impacted the lives of more than 80,000 smallholder coffee farmers. You can find life-changing coffee in seven retail store chains near you or online.



Through our ATP, we are able to provide support to farming households in Rwanda through pre-financing, education for farmer families, home-health education and clean water access for the entire community. The ATP curriculum is focused on agricultural and financial training. Through this program, we are able to shape a sustainable future for farmers in those countries. When farmers are able to improve their yields through better farming practices, they are given the opportunity to reinvest in their community and in the futures of their children.


Drinking Westrock Coffee means that you are also connected to the farmers who work hard with us to grow some of the finest coffees in the world. Our coffee is roasted in North Little Rock, Arkansas and sold through our retail partners near you. Share Westrock Coffee with friends in family.  When you drink Westrock Coffee each morning, you can take pride in the hands that grew it, washed it, roasted it and packaged it. 


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