The Hands that Make Your Coffee


Meet Tamirat –

Tamirat Tamene Roriso grew up in a coffee-farming family. In his twenties, his family gave him the land to start his very own farm. He quickly realized that, in order to be more sustainable, he needed to focus all of his efforts on coffee and, therefore, stopped growing other crops.

Today, despite being a model farmer, life for Ethiopian coffee producers is difficult. Recent years of hard times caused Tamirat to uproot his failing trees and replant with disease-resistant varieties that provided greater yields. Through his hard work and dedication, he has been able to provide food for his family and send his five children to school.

Tamirat continues to employ good agricultural practices such as composting, weeding, pruning, planting cover crop, and conserving his water. These practices ensure that he maintains quality and productivity in the future. Now, his farm is not only a highly productive site, but it is also used as an example for other farmers to visit and be taught practical skills to apply at their own farms. Westrock buys high-quality coffee from farmers like Tamirat who rely on this commodity to provide for their families for generations to come.

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