Salvador Castillo


Meet a coffee farmer from Peru

Raised in the Peruvian countryside, Salvador Castillo was brought up around coffee. From his teenage years onward, he worked long days to earn money in the hopes of one day buying his own land to produce coffee. During his early days as a farm owner, he worked day and night, taking the bus to and from the farm to maintain it until he could afford hired help. Little by little, he earned and saved and acquired more land. Eventually, Salvador built a house and had the privilege of working and living on the same fruitful piece of land.

Salvador is a founder and committed member of the Cenfrocafe Cooperative in Jaen, Cajamarca, Peru, which has been in operation for over 19 years. Membership within the cooperative presented an opportunity to improve both production through helpful agricultural knowledge and the family economy through greater transparency. The farm is now a family run operation. Salvador’s children have taken over the majority of production activities, and Salvador is planning to enjoy retirement in the near future.

Peruvian FlagWe work directly with partners in Peru to ensure traceable, transparent, and high-quality coffee is available for our coffee blends. Learn more about Peruvian coffee HERE.

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