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How are You Enjoying Your Coffee?

Each year, over 500 billion single-use paper and Styrofoam coffee cups are used and thrown away around the world. A large portion of these cups end up littered throughout our environment and, in turn, become a major pollution hazard. For those cups that do make it into a garbage can, they end up in a landfill where they will outlast your time on Earth before finally degrading. A helpful step in reducing this waste stream is recycling the cups; however, only 1 in 400 single-use cups gets recycled, and most aren’t even able to be recycled once they become contaminated with beverage residue.

There is a solution to this problem: reusable beverage containers.

Why is your reusable mug so important? The average person on Earth goes through 70 single-use paper or styrofoam cups in one year – that’s 5,516 disposable cups per person, per lifetime. By incorporating something as simple as a reusable coffee mug into your daily routine, you can make a huge difference in the ever-increasing amount of waste that is polluting our Earth. Lucky for you, Westrock has just what you need!

Westrock’s lightweight stainless steel travel mug holds up to 12 ounces of your favorite “can’t-leave-the-house-without” beverage. You can even boast your love of Westrock Coffee with this mug that displays our beloved elephant logo against a sleek gray background. This reusable mug is condensation, stain, and odor resistant to last for years to come!

Do your part in saving the environment and helping to change the lives of coffee farmers ‘round the globe by taking advantage of all the products and merchandise that Westrock Coffee has to offer!

Westrock Travel Mug – $15.00

With the Westrock travel mug, you can now take your coffee on the go with style! No matter if you drink your coffee hot or iced, our insulated 12 oz travel mug will help keep it that way. It’s even insulated on the outside to prevent condensation.

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