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Ethical fashion and lifestyle brand Raven + Lily illuminates purpose and passion. By employing women around the world with fair wages, caring work environments and access to health care and education, Raven + Lily has found ways to make a statement in the fashion industry through more than just great apparel, jewelry and home decor.

The idea for Raven + Lily started when CEO and co-founder, Kirsten Dickerson, traveled to India. She noticed a need for work training for marginalized women. Taking from her background of 15+ years of serving in nonprofit leadership and as an art director for the film and fashion industry, Kristin realized she could unify her passions for social justice and fashion. This led to the start of Raven + Lily.

“At Raven + Lily, we believe that every woman is valuable and together, we can use our power of choice to make a positive impact on people and the planet.”

With that mindset, Raven + Lily has become a leader in ethical fashion and eco-friendly practices by using recycled and repurposed materials and employing 1500+ marginalized women in nine different countries.


Westrock Coffee started “One Common Goal” to support companies who work tirelessly toward the goal of sustainability for the people who make their products.  Westrock Coffee and Raven + Lily share similar sustainable business practices and a commitment to help people around the world create better lives for themselves. In a similar way to Raven + Lily, Westrock’s founder traveled to Rwanda and came back with a vision to provide a fair market price for the farmers he met.

By paying farmers a fair market price for their crops while offering training and support, Westrock creates opportunities to improve the lives of thousands of farmers, their families and their communities.

We share a common goal- a commitment to sustainability that is matched by few. Westrock Coffee and Raven + Lily are making a difference in the lives of thousands of farmers and artisans around the world, providing them with work and training that improves their lives; empowering them to offer their families and entire communities more opportunities.

Meet the Farmers and Artisans


Meet Jeanne:

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 4.32.22 PMJeanne grew up watching her parents tend to coffee trees, so it was no surprise when she began farming her own coffee. Before working with Westrock, she processed her coffee cherries at home. This was time-consuming and did not produce the best quality coffee for her to sell. Because of this, Jeanne began working with the Tumba washing station- a Westrock funded processing station in Rwanda.

With this change, Jeanne has been able to improve the quality of her coffee and receive more money for her crops. She hopes to be able to invest in a larger farm while saving her coffee earnings to send her five-year-old daughter to school.


Meet Nadia:

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 4.33.07 PMNadia moved to the refugee camp with her parents when she was very young. She is now married with three children and has learned to embroider from her mother. She works full time as an embroiderer and makes unique and exclusive pieces for Raven + Lily by hand. She is the sole supporter of her family because it is difficult for her husband to find work. Nadia uses her income from orders to run her house and pay for her health care. Her children are very young and keep her busy. She is hopeful and grateful for continued work as she knows each order helps support her family’s livelihood.

Meet Virginia:

VirginiaUrimumahoro (1)Virginia is a single mother of four working as a coffee farmer to provide for her family.  As the sole provider for her children, selling coffee is the way she puts food on the table. Her work in coffee has also helped her ensure that her children receive an education. Since partnering with Rwandan Trading Company (RTC), Virginia has earned more money for her coffee by receiving training that helped her increase her coffee yields. Because she doesn’t have the time to process her own coffee, Virginia is able to deliver her harvest to the RTC mill and get paid immediately based on the coffee’s quality.

“I am most proud of the fact that we, me and my children, have never gone hungry because we have our coffee.”

Meet Willie:

WillieWillie is a single mom of five. Her husband died years ago. An expatriate offered to train her in the art of artisan horn crafts, so she took this opportunity as a means to gain a skill and to provide a way to educate her children. She is now the ‘mama’ of fifteen other women who have been trained in this skill as well.

She loves making horn jewelry and it has helped to provide for her family in a time of need. Now she can help others.


“I hope those who wear this jewelry know it’s truly making a difference in our lives.”


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Meet Our Farmer Partner, Christine