Holiday Burlap Tote


By repurposing large burlap bags used to transport coffee from origin to our facilities in the states, our friends at reJutenate have created these burlap totes for the holidays! These lightweight, heavy-duty bags are great to use at work or take to the grocery store.  Perfect to give as a gift to an environmentally conscious friend or someone who is always on the go.  

Each tote is handmade from its own burlap bag creating a unique spin on every tote. 


  • Handmade
  • Lightweight
  • 18 in x 14 in
  • Repurposed Material  

Grown With Love

Drinking Westrock Coffee allows you to join in our mission to offer our farmer partners sustainable trade, not aid to take care of their families. Partnership with Westrock often means that basic necessities such as healthcare, schooling and access to clean water are available to communities that grow Westrock Coffee. Share in our sustainability story.

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