We Believe In People

and the drive not only to survive, but to live with dignity and achieve great things. We also believe that honest, fair and efficient commerce can fuel great, positive change.


Coffee is our opportunity to make that change. As a global commodity living in an extremely complex supply chain, coffee has provided us a chance to reimagine the playing field and build a stable, direct channel between farming communities and the end consumer.

As an international company, our strength is in our people. Our homebase, coffee roasting and packaging facility is in Arkansas, our trading desks are in Europe, and origin export facilities are in Rwanda and Tanzania.



Westrock Coffee starts at origin with farmers whose craft and dedication to farming a beautiful product spans decades, and in many instances, generations. Our goal is letting their work shine. Not only are they our trusted partners, they are now considered our great friends. 

Mariana Munyurwangendo Nyungwe

Meet Mariana Munyurwangendo Nyungwe Mariana Munyurwangendo (41) is a coffee farmer whose childhood interest in coffee transitioned into an adult passion that became a primary source of income for her family. As a child, Mariana stumbled upon a few coffee seedlings growing in the brush. She brought them home and planted them on her parent’s farm where

Zakaria Bicamumpaka

Meet farmer partner, Zakaria Bicamumpaka  Zakaria Bicamumpaka (56) is a Westrock farmer partner from Karama, Rwanda. After growing up in a farming family, Zakaria saw coffee as a way to best provide for his family. In 1976,  Zakaria started his own farm with 200 coffee trees. As his family grew, Zakaria was able to provide

Beretirida Iyakaremye

Meet our farmer partner from Kigembe, Rwanda, Beretirida Iyakaremye Beretirida Iyakaremye (39) wanted to create the best life for her family and saw that coffee was the way to do that. Her husband owned a trade shop and had no interest in coffee, but he was willing to let Beretirida try her hand at farming.

the westrock team

William (Goose) Changose

David Holt

Ben Young

Compliance Manager

John Cacciatori

Vice President of Production

Peter Guerin

Director of Product Development

Anthony Lynch

Vice President of Hospitality

Tim Greulich

Senior Manager of Sales & Marketing Analytics


Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing


Executive Vice President of Service, Sales Support & OCS Operations

Brett Burton

Vice President of Roasting & Director of Single Serve Operations

Tammy McLain


Director of Green Coffee

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