Rwanda Trading Company

We were drawn to Rwanda–the small country in the heart of East Africa known as the “Land of a Thousand Hills”–by its people and its landscape. Ideal soil, elevation and climate contribute to growing some of the world’s finest coffee.

In 2009 we revitalized an old coffee mill, and the Rwanda Trading Company was born. We work directly with Rwandan farmers to buy, mill, process and sell these coveted coffees throughout the United States, Europe and Asia.

Operating at origin, in Rwanda, is vital to our vertically-integrated model. Not only does this mean overseeing milling, processing and quality control to yield the best prices for area farmers and their premium beans, it also means being invested in their business through agronomy, financial, health and wellness training. It’s a highly collaborative effort, and fuels sustainable economic stability from the ground up.

Rwanda Trading Company’s customers can expect consistent quality, reliable delivery and complete transparency from producer to export, from crop to cup.



In 2011, Rwanda Trading Company took over operation of the Shyara Mountain Coffee Washing Station in East Rwanda. Since that time, Rwanda Trading Company has worked hand in hand with the community to launch farmer field training and install a filtered water system to provide clean drinking water for the entire community. The washing station has also loaned money to farmers during the off-season and allowed the farmers to pay back the loan during harvest. One of the most appreciated policies implemented in Shyara is the immediate cash payment to farmers selling their coffee beans. Because of this, farmers are able to use their profits to support their families instead of waiting weeks before earning their wages, as was the past norm. Shyara Mountain currently does business with around 3,000 farmers. They employ 10 permanent employees, and during harvest season they will employee up to 150 part-time workers.


Gasabo District, Rwanda


85 full-time

250 seasonal workers



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