Mariana Munyurwangendo


Meet Mariana Munyurwangendo

Mariana Munyurwangendo (41) is a coffee farmer whose childhood interest in coffee transitioned into an adult passion that became a primary source of income for her family.

As a child, Mariana stumbled upon a few coffee seedlings growing in the brush. She brought them home and planted them on her parent’s farm where she tended to them each day.

After finding and planting more coffee trees, her parents saw this as a great opportunity for her and gave her a piece of land on which she could start her own farm.

She moved the trees that she already tended to and was given more seedlings to grow. Now, Mariana has increased her farm from just a few trees to over 470 trees.

She sells her harvests to a Westrock-financed washing station where she is paid fairly and promptly for her coffee cherries. She uses her coffee earnings to look after her family and pay for her three children to attend school.

Mariana is from the great lands of Rwanda. Westrock Coffee has operated at origin in Rwanda since 2009, working directly with Rwandan farmers to buy, mill, process and sell these coveted coffees throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia.

Interested in trying the bold flavors of Rwanda? Find Westrock’s single origin Rwandan coffee HERE.



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