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Inspired by beauty – Changing lives in Kenya for a bigger goal

Anna Taylor has moved mountains.  As founder of the Judith and James clothing line, Anna began her journey with a vision to use her creative abilities and experience with fashion to eradicate poverty for widows and orphans in Nairobi, Kenya.

When Anna was in high school, her family lived in Kenya for six months. Seeing poverty first hand, there were women with little or no opportunities for jobs, struggling to provide for 
their families. Kenya had a special place in Anna’s heart and she longed to do something that would create real change.  But it was on a visit to Rwanda that she discovered the most beautiful African fabrics. Anna had been looking for a way to use her creativity to meet the need.  These fabrics of vibrant colors against the harsh realities of poverty inspired her to start a clothing line that would provide work JJ Logoand income for the people she loved.  At last, she found a
way to create real change. It was out of the passion for the people who she had been walking hand in hand with for years that Judith and James clothing line was born.

Westrock’s founder experienced a similar inspiration when he visited Rwanda and discovered coffee farmers being paid a substandard price for their crops. It became his mission to provide a fair market price for their labor and crops and upgrade production by offering agronomic and financial training for the farmers. With every cup of Westrock Coffee purchased, you are supporting the farmer in Rwanda who is working toward finally building a home for his family. Similarly, every purchase from Judith and James is a direct investment in the hands that lovingly crafted it.

We share a common goal – a commitment to sustainability that is matched by few. Judith & James and Westrock Coffee are committed to people. When we saw the people of Rwanda, we chose to become a part of the people and culture that inspired us to movement. Westrock and Judith and James are making a difference in the lives of thousands of East African families, providing them with work and training that improves their lives; empowering them to offer their families and entire communities more opportunities.  



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