International Women’s Day


Empowering Women in Coffee

Today is International Women’s Day – a day we get to celebrate the strength and beauty of women worldwide.

Every day, women all over the world are working hard to overcome obstacles, create change and find the best opportunities for themselves and their families. At Westrock, we have the privilege to come alongside these mothers, sisters, business women and farmers to connect them to you through coffee. 

As Westrock has expanded into nearly 20 different countries,  we’ve learned that many households depend on women to provide for their family’s basic needs, and in these situations, many of these women have found farming as a profession that allows them the opportunity to support their growing families.

According to the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), women farmers make up more than half of the agricultural workforce in some low and middle-income countries. Through direct trade, Westrock has been able to work with thousands of women farmers to bring their coffee to the US.

When you drink Westrock, you are partnering with us to empower these women and thousands of coffee farmers around the globe as they increase their crop production, learn better business and agricultural practices, gain access to affordable/ quality healthcare and education opportunities for their children.




So today, as you sip on your morning cup of Westrock, think about women in Rwanda, Columbia, Costa Rica, and other coffee growing regions; remember these women are the ones your coffee choice supports.

Interested in hearing more of their stories? Learn more about the farmers we partner with HERE.

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We are a coffee company that believes in ethical and sustainable coffee from crop to cup. Westrock Coffee is made with love and is changing lives with each delicious sip. Sustainability is our standard for great coffee – coffee that is ethically obtained and of the highest quality.

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