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On International Women’s Day, we celebrate and recognize the wonderful, hard-working women around the world that we have the privilege to partner with. These women are mothers, daughters, sisters and providers for their families.  Here’s a deeper look into their lives:

A day in the life of Christine, Our farmer partner

Meet Christine Uwamugura, Gaseke Mountain

When Christine was pregnant with her ninth child, her husband passed away. The next season, Christine and her older children went out and completely replenished her farm. It was incredibly hard work but was necessary for the survival of her family.

Since then, her family’s farm has grown by 200 trees. Today, she sells her coffee to a wet mill working with Rwanda Trading Company (Westrock’s company at origin) and is paid immediately based on the coffee’s quality. She is able to send her children to school, provide food for her children and reinvest in her farm for generations to come.

Christine’s story is similar to the story of many of our farmer partners. 



Farmer from Iwacu, Rwanda

Leokadia Mukakabanda is a coffee farmer and mom who was able to lift her family out of poverty by owning her own coffee farm. Her first coffee trees were given to her by her husband. When they first married, they did not have savings or a steady income. Coffee was their opportunity for a better quality of life. As they expanded their farm, they also expanded their family. Today they care for 500 trees and five children. Leokadia works with Westrock to process her coffee, where she is paid fairly and quickly based on the coffee’s quality. Leokadia and her husband used their coffee earnings to start a small shop, which they run together to earn more money for their family. They are now able to send their children to school to receive an education.



Virginia Urimumahoro is a single mother of four, working as a coffee farmer to provide for her family.  As the sole provider for her children, selling coffee is the way she puts food on the table. Her work in coffee has also helped her ensure that her children receive an education. Since partnering with Rwandan Trading Company (RTC), Virginia has earned more money for her coffee by receiving training that helped her increase her coffee yields. Because she doesn’t have the time to process her own coffee, Virginia is able to deliver her harvest to the RTC mill and get paid immediately based on the coffee’s quality.

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Meet Our Farmer Partner, Christine