Gertrude Bandorayingwe


RTC_May 12, 2015_00438 copyMeet Gertrude, Farmer Partner in Izere, Rwanda

Gertrude is a 28-year old coffee farmer with big dreams. Coffee is her opportunity to achieve the goals she has set for herself and create a good life for her young family.

Gertrude first became interested in coffee as a young girl. She saw that her family, friends, and neighbors had great success in it.  When she grew up, she knew she wanted to start a farm of her own but she also knew she couldn’t do it alone. In order to start her own coffee farm, Gertrude offered to assist her neighbors in exchange for guidance as she planted her first coffee trees.

With help from her community, she was able to plant 300 coffee trees. Her goal has been to expand her farm 100 trees at a time. Using the money earned from her partnership with Westrock in Rwnada, Gertrude and her husband were able to purchase a shop where they sell beans, rice, sugar, oil, and salt for additional income.

Ultimately, she hopes to use the money she earns from her coffee to go back to school, finish, and one day, buy more land to expand her coffee farm and own her own wet mill.

“If coffee is cared for, it never lets you down.”


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