Ethical Holiday Gift Guide


Holiday Gift Guide

This holiday season, give the gift that brings hope and sustainability to families and communities all over the world. The purpose of this gift guide is to showcase high-quality, handmade gifts from like-minded companies that work to make a difference around the world.


Akola Project

Akola Project works with women in Uganda and Dallas, Texas. to empower and redesign a future for them through job training and security. 100% of Akola revenue is reinvested in their mission to support these women as they strive to create a better life.

Check out the Anna Bracelet made of hand-carved bone beads, matte lapis beads, and pyrite beads. By purchasing this product and others like it, you are empowering Akola women to provide basic needs for their families, much like the farmers who grow your coffee.

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Raven + Lily

Raven + Lily was created to give women around the world access to jobs allowing them to maintain a sustainable income, health care, education and a real chance to help their families escape poverty (similarly to Westrock).

Through handcrafted apparel, jewelry, bags, and the most beautiful home decor, Raven + Lily is able to help women create a real chance for themselves and their families.

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$14 – $78

HOME DECOR (Handmade)

Mavuno Harvest

Like Westrock, Mavuno Harvest was founded to lift farmers in rural Africa (specifically fruit farmers) out of poverty. On average, fruit farmers are only able to sell 30% of their harvest at local markets. By drying the fruit, Mavuno Harvest is able to support these farmers by using 100% of their harvest.

Nutritious dried fruits like this Dried Mango are organically grown, ethically sourced, and produced without added sugar or preservatives.

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Aradé Beauty

Aradé Beauty’s desire is to deliver the purest beauty ingredients available through ethical work practices to support the women working in Morocco. Through a careful process of cold pressing, Aradé Beauty is able to ensure that the benefits of the oils are not lost in every essential oil sold.

When you purchase the Argan Oil Elixir, a donation in the equivalent of one textbook is donated to a child in the Argan collectives in South East Morocco.

Westrock’s dedication to ethical work practices and product quality are similar.

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ARGAN OIL (Handmade)

Haiti Design Co.

Haiti Design Co. was founded with the goal of bringing sustainable development to the people of Haiti through design, training and job creation. Though jewelry, apparel, and leather designs like the Leather Field Notes and Passport Cover, Haiti Design Co. is able to support and empower Haitian artisans.

Training for partners is key in the process of creating your Westrock Coffee.

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Sharing Westrock with friends and family has never been easier than NOW!

Whether you give a few bags of life-changing coffee or any of the new Westrock gear, know that you are sharing in a story of sustainability and hope for thousands of farmers and their families.


“Every time you spend money, you’re casting a vote for the kind of world you want.”

Anna Lappé

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