Ernest Nsabimana


Meet a Westrock Coffee Partner from Gikomero, Rwanda

Starting with just seven trees, Ernest Nsabimana has been a dedicated coffee farmer for over twenty-seven years in Gikomero, Rwanda. For years, he was paid the same low price for his crop, regardless of the quality of the coffee or the amount produced.

In 2012, Westrock’s partners in Rwanda purchased a local washing station and began investing in the local farmers. They did this by guaranteeing a fair price for the farmers’ crops and by giving them opportunities to improve quality and increase yields of coffee through agronomy training.

Ernest began taking his crops to this station and applying all that he learned to his own farm. He was immediately paid a fair price for his coffee, and, in just two short years, Ernest was able to see a 25% increase in his annual production from the training he received in good agricultural practices.

Ernest desires more than the status quo with his coffee, believing that he can continually grow to become a better farmer.

Have you ever noticed that we share the stories of our farmers on the side of your Westrock Coffee?

Next time you shop, check the side of your box or bag to learn more about other farmers we work with! Earnest is featured on our Rwanda Select Reserve!

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