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b2r-logo_0Understanding the depth and work of Bridge2Rwanda will give you chills. The foundation of who they are is deeply rooted in their passion for creating lasting change that will leave a legacy for generations to come.

Bridge2Rwanda was formed in 2007 to help expand Rwanda’s global network of friends, to encourage foreign direct investment and to create opportunities for Rwandan students to
study abroad. A few years later, President Paul Kagame asked Bridge2Rwanda to develop a new scholars program to “burst the bottlenecks” that were preventing Rwanda’s best students from competing for international scholarships. The first class of Bridge2Rwanda Scholars was launched in 2011.

The Bridge2Rwanda Scholars Program is dedicated to building a fellowship of globally educated, entrepreneurial leaders in Africa, encouraged in every aspect of their lives – committed to their countries, to one another and to accelerating Africa’s growth.

Our Experience Meeting Mary, student at Hendrix College through Bridge2Rwanda

By Tori Gay, Marketing Manager at Westrock Coffee

A few words to describe Mary are BRIGHTMary at Hendrix, KIND, DELIBERATE, and AMBITIOUS. We spoke over the phone on a Tuesday afternoon. The conversation began softly with greetings and formal introductions. We both lit up as we discussed Rwanda – the culture, the people, the beauty, the coffee. We spoke about Rwanda Trading Company, Westrock’s origin operations. Mary mentioned seeing the plant many times while passing through the bustling streets of Kigali.

As we closed our conversation about the intriguing details of life in Rwanda, Mary said something that made me pause. “I completed college in 2014 and I was hopeless about going to college,” said Mary, “because my parents were not going to be able to afford my college tuition.” Her story of a Bridge2Rwanda team member seeking her out, noticing that she was very talented and helping her through obstacles made me feel so proud of their team. Her story of resistance to lose hope was like the story of many of our farmer partners.

Since 2009, Westrock has walked hand in hand with farmer partners in the same way. Men and women who are experts at their craft now have hope through fair and efficient commerce. They now have an opportunity to learn and grow. Their legacy through working with Westrock is one that will last. It is one that will touch the lives of Rwandans all throughout the country as it already has in the short amount of time that we have been there.

We continued talking , sharing stories and speaking about the quirks of the state of Arkansas, where Westrock is headquartered. Mary ended the conversation by saying, “I didn’t want to stay hopeless for the rest of my life. I always dreamed to go and I never stopped dreaming.”

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As you can see, Bridge2Rwanda is worthy of your support. Their story and structure is worth sharing. If you would like to support Mary or another student specifically, please make a note of it. With your support, the Bridge2Rwanda team is able to facilitate the futures of aspiring Rwandan students like Mary. Partner with students as they achieve their dreams and then use their knowledge to create a stronger, thriving Rwanda.

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