Beretirida Iyakaremye


Meet our farmer partner Beretirida Iyakaremye

Beretirida Iyakaremye

Beretirida Iyakaremye (39) wanted to create the best life for her family and saw that coffee was the way to do that.

Her husband owned a trade shop and had no interest in coffee, but he was willing to let Beretirida try her hand at farming.

Once Beretirida started her farm, she took her crop to a Westrock financed processing mill where she was given a fair wage in a timely manner for her crop. The work was hard, but the consistent income from Westrock gave her the means necessary to keep going and to grow even more.

Despite her husband’s reluctance to growing coffee, he was able to see everything that her coffee farm was doing for their family and how the Westrock processing mill aided in Beretirida’s work and gave her a steady income.

Beretirida was able to build a substantial farm that is now the predominant source of income for her family.

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