The Hands that Make Your Coffee

Meet Tamirat – Tamirat Tamene Roriso grew up in a coffee-farming family. In his twenties, his family gave him the land to start his very own farm. He quickly realized that, in order to be more sustainable, he needed to focus all of his efforts on coffee and, therefore, stopped growing other crops. Today, despite

Gertrude Bandorayingwe

Meet Gertrude, Farmer Partner in Izere, Rwanda Gertrude is a 28-year old coffee farmer with big dreams. Coffee is her opportunity to achieve the goals she has set for herself and create a good life for her young family. Gertrude first became interested in coffee as a young girl. She saw that her family, friends, and

New Year, Healthier You

Best Year Yet The new year always brings new possibilities and new challenges. Whether you’re looking to be more productive, exercise more, or just make some small changes to your daily routine, there’s always something we can do to better ourselves.  Check out these five tricks to make quick and easy changes to 2019!

Salvador Castillo

Meet a coffee farmer from Peru Raised in the Peruvian countryside, Salvador Castillo was brought up around coffee. From his teenage years onward, he worked long days to earn money in the hopes of one day buying his own land to produce coffee. During his early days as a farm owner, he worked day and

Westrock’s Ethical Gift Guide

We at Westrock love supporting like-minded companies that share the goal of making an impact with the products they produce. This year and every year, we want to encourage you to shop with a purpose and support companies that give back or create change by bringing sustainable jobs to families and communities around the globe. We

Meet Our Farmer Partner, Christine