Ernest Nsabimana

Meet a Westrock Coffee Partner from Gikomero, Rwanda Starting with just seven trees, Ernest Nsabimana has been a dedicated coffee farmer for over twenty-seven years in Gikomero, Rwanda. For years, he was paid the same low price for his crop, regardless of the quality of the coffee or the amount produced. In 2012, Westrock’s partners in

Happy Holiday Drinks

The holiday season brings lots of events that require you to put your hands and your kitchen into hostess mode. Become the hostess with the mostest that is ready to serve a few people or a whole group with these three easy fall drinks.

Golden Bean North American Coffee Roaster Competition

Three Years and Counting Westrock is very proud of the hard work and dedication its team members put into every step of the coffee producing process. A big part of this process is the blend selections and roast creations made by our dedicated team of roasters. Time and time again, Westrock’s roasters have proven their

The Final Processing Stage – The Dry Mill

The dry mill is the final stage before your Westrock Coffee is ready to be sold by the farmers, shipped, roasted and packaged for you to brew at home. What is dry milling? Dry milling is the final stage green coffee goes through before it is sold and shipped to the roaster. This stage coincides with

A Peruvian Coffee Culture

All Things Peru Nestled in the western portion of South America, Peru is the ninth largest coffee growing region in the world and the third largest in South America. Peru is a very diverse country stretching with flatlands to the Pacific Ocean and peaked by the Andes Mountains. It is in these peaks that Peruvian

Meet Our Farmer Partner, Christine