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Nestled in the western portion of South America, Peru is the ninth largest coffee growing region in the world and the third largest in South America.

Peru is a very diverse country stretching with flatlands to the Pacific Ocean and peaked by the Andes Mountains. It is in these peaks that Peruvian coffee producers have settled to develop some of the world’s greatest coffees.

All of the coffee growing regions fall on the Eastern side of the Andes mountains where the coffee benefits from elevation and favorable climate. However great the growing conditions are, these peaks cause the location to be very remote making the transport of the coffee incredibly difficult.
Along with these difficulties, many farmers are faced with inadequate processing facilities to sell their coffee, few buyers to sell to, and the unfortunate reality of accepting a lower than preferred price for their labors.

Over the years, Peru has begun focusing on specialty grade coffee and producing large amounts of Fair Trade and Organic Certified coffees. Westrock’s operations in Peru have lent a hand logistically by helping connect these farmers and processors to coffee buyers from all over the world. This push has allowed the farmer more access to proper buying facilities and allowed our customers the assurance that their high-quality coffee is making a difference.

Over time, Peruvian coffee profiles have become more distinct, always boasting a clean and fruitful cup. 

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