Gloria Mejia


Meet Honduran Coffee Farmer, Gloria Mejia

Gloria is the owner of a small farm called Las Palmas, in the Copan region of Honduras. Gloria, her husband, and her daughter all live on the farm and do most of the farm work themselves.

In 2011, despite having no agronomy training or experience in producing coffee, Gloria was tasked with taking full responsibility of the farm after her husband severely injured his back.

Shortly after she took over management, the farm was decimated by coffee leaf rust. Due to the disease, for two years running, Gloria wasn’t able to produce one exportable bag from her harvest and was very close to giving up on coffee.

Gloria was introduced to Westrock associates who offered her training through a Specialty Agronomy Project. This meant a coffee technical team visited her on a weekly basis to coordinate picking at the farm. Through this program, Gloria was able to rework her farm and bring it back to life.

From the advice and training Gloria received, she has been able to raise her coffee score (based on the SCAA cup scoring) and receive 167% more for her coffee.

In turn, this means that Gloria can provide an extra $3217 for her and her family per harvest, and has the skills and knowledge to maintain her farm and maximize its potential for seasons to come.

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