Philbert Mugiraneze



When Philbert Mugiraneze started growing coffee, he had 800 trees. As his farm and family grew, it became difficult to process his coffee on his own. He eventually started taking it to a local processing mill, where he often did not receive fair compensation for his coffee. Once Philbert began working with Westrock, he finally received a fair price for his coffee and began learning techniques to improve the quality.

Today, Philbert owns 11,400 coffee trees, which are fifteen times more fruitful because of his partnership with Westrock. Through our Agribusiness Training Program, we have worked with Philbert to improve his business and strengthen his skills as a coffee farmer. His success is not only HUGE for his family, but his entire community!

Philbert is excited to be able to soon buy a car and a house with electricity, but even more excited to invest his earnings in his childrens’ education.



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